P2K Dadiddy

March 31, 2021

P2K Dadiddy hails from Shreveport, LA. His Welcome To The Boom Boom Room–is a revelation. The album isn’t just an interesting debut by an intriguing new singer/songwriter. It’s nothing less than a survey of contemporary southern soul music, its themes, sounds and stars. The previously unknown P2K, aka Keith Taylor, exudes the authority of a dude who’s been on the scene for years. Most southern soul debuts contain a popular single or two. Quite a few feature guest appearances by current southern soul headliners, but no debut in recent memory comes close to the extraordinary V.I.P. list of major guest artists or the bounty of new and potential hit singles on the scale of Boom Boom Room. Sir Charles Jones appears. Jeter Jones contributes on no less than three of the tracks. The aforementioned Vick Allen is featured, as are southern soul veterans Nathaniel Kimble, L.J. Echols, Avail Hollywood, Crystal Thomas and Cupid. There hasn’t been such a cavalcade of original southern soul tunes since the first Beat Flippa compilation.